Frequently asked questions

What is ManDown?

We are a digital media company that produces content focuesd around pop-culture, post-grad activities, and is aimed at creating a community of post-grad partiers. For more information about us check out our About Page!

How often will you be releasing new merch?

We will be having new merch drops on a seasonal basis - Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring collections! Sign up with our chat bar below to get updates on new drops!

I have a cool idea for ManDown, how do I let you guys know?

Absolutely, we wouldnt be anything without you guys and would love to hear about your ideas for merch, content, or events. Reach out to us via the chat bar in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch with us, or shoot us an email at Looking forward to hearing what you guys want to see next!

When is your next event?

We are going to be having seasonal events in either Charlotte, NC or Dallas, TX - sign up for our newsletter by using the chat tool in the bottom right of our screen to get live updates! Breweries, clubs, and live sporting events are in the works for us as we speak! Also let us know if you have any event ideas or want to host for us and we may come to you.